Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wedding Inspiration :: Colleen & John's Wedding continued..

Ah, the reception! Love this reception. Colleen had me on board from day #1 with her sophisticated, edgy, clean & modern vision. The reception took place in the Augusta Room at Westin Tabor Center in downtown Denver. This is a great room and working with Desiree at the Westin is a dream.

Check it out:

I love the color palette - dark purple and we did only use carnations! Silver bling. Colleen had the bling buckles for everything & I like how they added such a fine touch.
Another thing to mention, really look at these photos. Autumn is an amazing photographer. The lights in this room were dim and she magically captured the dark carnations & the bling. Autumn blows me away every time.

Weddings by Norie
Autumn Burke Photography
LMD Productions (Lighting)
Westin Tabor Center

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wsab398 said...

I love the rectangle box with the purple carnations. What kind of box is that I where can I find some?



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