Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Today on Every Last Detail Blog

We are featured today on Every Last Detail blog!!
Click here to see part #2 of our shoot.

Check it out!

The cool vendors who worked on this project:
Photography & Video: Revert Photo
Stationery, Detail Pieces, Dessert Bar: Julie with JS Design
Dessert Bar: Rachael with Intricate Icings
Florals: Alicia with Bella Fiori
Model Styling: Tina with Worthwhile Style
Hair: Hilary with Zandi K Salon
Makeup, Styling, Design, Planning: Janine with Makeup by Janine

Monday, March 21, 2011

Scenes of Spring

Spring is definitely my favorite season, I love seeing the little buds appear on the trees, daffodils popping up to show their sunny selves! I snapped a few photos of spring appearing here in Northern California and thought I'd share them with you. It's been raining a lot here, I hear it's sunny and warm in Denver..


Friday, March 11, 2011

Back from New York City

I'm back from an exhilarating, whirlwind trip to New York City. I had the privilege of joining 20 other floral designers on a 4 day excursion to the big apple. I will be blogging a play-by-play of the trip and what we saw on the Flirty Fleurs blog. Holly Chapple, the organizer of the trip, is already planning a trip for next March. :)

Here's a photo of us waiting outside the Martha Stewart studios:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Bella Fiori

Eight years ago today this journey started, eight years ago!!.. I always like to take this day and think about where I've been and where I'm going. Wow, 8 years.... The first 5 years is all about making it, surviving, proving it'll work. I was told that by many other business owners and boy were they right. The last 3 years came & went, every year seems to pass quicker than the last. I've been thinking about how this all started, just a young girl with a dream. I laugh at my naivete, at the time I started Bella Fiori I probably knew less than 20 people in Denver. Yes, less than 20 people!
Thankfully I am stubborn and that trait is probably why this all worked. Plenty of people told me it wouldn't work. Oh well, I didn't listen. Probably the best business advice I could give someone starting a business based on their dreams - believe in yourself, don't listen to nay-sayers and be stubborn.

This year ahead looks wonderful & exciting, full of new adventures. This Sunday I'm going to NYC to meet up with 17 other floral designers from around the country. We have quite the adventure planned; class w/ David Beahm, visits to NYC flower district, taping of the Martha Stewart show, visit to Ovando flower shop and the list goes on.
In April I'm going to Amsterdam & Paris with my friend, Kaye. Kaye was actually one of the first people I met in this business (caterer). I'm so excited to check out Aalsmeer, the largest flower auction in the world!!
The biggest adventure of the year will be the release of my book. Yes, I'm publishing a book. It's currently in the lay-out phase with the designer. A big thank you to the brides and photographers who have agreed to have their weddings & work in the book. And a huge thank you to my flower friends who have listened to my ideas, looked at the photographs, helped decide which ones should be included. I'm so thankful for my BFFs (best flower friends). It's a huge project and I can hardly wait until it is released. Once we have a better idea of when the book will be released I will be putting that information on this blog. Oh, it is a design book all about bridal and bridesmaids' bouquets...
hmm... that's actually just a sampling of the what's coming this year. There are a few other things in the works, of course, they'll be posted on this blog as they happen.

Most importantly, thank you to all the brides who have let me be part of their day! Thank you to the brides from the last 8 seasons and to the brides of this coming year. Thank you to all the amazing vendors I know, who make me laugh on a daily basis & who keep me amused. Thank you to Chad who definitely keeps me amused. He is doing a wonderful job running Bella Rents and is always helping me with my Bella Fiori projects. Seriously, you should see what he is building for me (huge aspen arch). I have an idea and he builds it, how cool is that??

We are having fun & that's a good thing. ;)


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