Saturday, March 24, 2007

Exdo event!

Thursday night, March 22, was the event at EXDO. It was awesome! Scott, Bob and Erik worked hard to pull off a fabulous opening for their new event center -- and they are all a JOY to work with!!! Our arrangements were a big hit and we received many kudos on the creativity. Our friend at Creative Focus, Everett Stout, took quite a few pictures. We'll post them on the site as soon as we can. I think quite a few of the clients we are working with will be inspired for centerpiece ideas. Our friend, BJ Dyer at Bouquets, sent a nice email the next morning to congratulate us. It always means a lot when fellow florist friend sends kudos!! Kudos back to BJ for being so kind!!
Events this week: I will be attending the Perfect Wedding Guide luncheon in Boulder on Tuesday. I hope to see our friends there!
On Wednesday, I fly home to San Francisco for an extended weekend. So looking forward to it!!
Happy Saturday!!

Monday, March 19, 2007


Bella Fiori has a MySpace page:
We are linked to quite a few businesses in Denver - especially cool restaurants and lounges. Be sure to stop by and say "Hi!" to us and join as our friend.

Friday, March 16, 2007

upcoming stuff

Last night I attended the DCPA 2nd annual open house. Not a huge turn-out, yet, I found plenty of people to chat with.
Danny from Catering By Design asked if I'm interested in designing a table for the May ISES meeting - the answer is YES! I'm teaming up with Michelle Gillette of Dramatic Events. We get to design our "fantasy wedding table". Oh, the ideas she and I can come up with! Planning starts next week....
At the shop this week we are working on a St. Patty's day themed corporate event with Penny from Reverly Events. So fun! We are doing three different centerpieces - all with green flowers and leaves. I'll post some pictures after we set it all up this weekend. The textures are just amazing.
Next week is the EXDO event - Michelle and I are having a blast coming up with ideas. Denver is hot with this networking, and the decor I see at events continually blows me away. We definitely want to show everyone some cutting edge designs. Keep tuned!
Always so many projects to keep us excited - in addition too all the wonderful brides we are working with this year! We are truly excited to work with each & every bride that has selected us for their wedding flowers!!!!!
Happy planning,

Saturday, March 10, 2007

What Bella Fiori is up to.. (3/10/07)

First, I'm up to figuring out how this new blog service works! Sadly, our other blog was lost with most of its posts.
Second, for those who have been in our studio, you have most likely met Matisse. We have a new addition, a Pekingese puppy named Johann. Matisse is adjusting. ;)

As for Bella Fiori itself. We are involved in:
  • Colorado Meetings & Events Magazine Best Of awards
    Thursday, March 22, 2007
    EXDO Event Center
    5:30pm – 7:30pm
We'll be providing all the floral decor for the event. Michelle and I are having fun deciding on the various centerpieces, stage pieces, etc.
  • In April I will be teaching a class at Denver Art Museum. It'll be a hands-on class.
  • In May my term as flower council chair of Denver Art Museum will be coming to an end. I've sat as chair for three years now. It'll be fun to see where the next chair of the council leads us.
  • We were involved with donating flowers for the Ronald McDonald House fundraiser last weekend. What a great fundraiser for a great cause, glad we could participate.
  • July 8-11 I'll be attending AIFD symposium in So. Cal. -- learning new tricks, I'm sure!
  • We are looking at adding a new feature to our website, online arrangement ordering. We like a challenge. ;)

Wedding season is shaping up. It'll hit us starting May 5 and run through October. At this point we barely have any openings for summer weddings. If you are interested in working with us, please email or call soon to check availability.

Toodles... Alicia

Favorite Websites :: Helpful florist websites (American Institute of Floral Designers)
Two of my favorite magazines are:
Flowers &
Florist Review
And...Floral business

What Bella Fiori is up to (Sept. 2006)

Our other blog was lost - so I'm transferring everything to this new blog. This is a previous post from September 2006.
An update of what is happening at my floral design studio - Bella Fiori.It's been a crazy, busy wedding season.
We've had some awesome weddings this year. The favorite? One at Keystone Lodge at the top of the ski resort. We lined the tables with fresh bamboo and filled the bamboo with river rocks, green cymbidium orchids, purple dendrobrium orchids and succulents. It was a show stopper!
This month will be full of great events - each and everyone has a distinct personality.On Sept. 21 I will be interviewed by Colorado Bride TV for the second time. We first taped a show with them in March 2006. The host then hired us to do the flowers for her wedding taking place Sept. 23, 2006. We feel very honored to be part of her special day.
Another project is our involvement with the opening of the new art museum addition here in Denver. We will be heavily involved with the opening for two weeks. It's a very exciting time for Denver Art Museum. Plus, they just approached me about doing a program next April where I will interpret art using flowers.
And... a book has just been released called: Colorado Treasures and our shop is being featured.
Last but not least, we are involved with the conference that is coming to Denver - ABC, Association of Bridal Consultants. I am co-chair of the floral design team. We want to blow away the bridal consultants that are coming to Denver from around the globe!
I think that's it for now.....

Favorite Websites :: International network of Wedding and Event Designers
iWED, the International network of Wedding and Event Designers, is a community created for wedding and event professionals, by wedding and event professionals.
By developing an intrinsic network of knowledgeable and dedicated members, iWED sets out to create a community to enhance and develop our respective careers. Additionally, we set out to educate and encourage future professionals through our online forum, conferencing as well as projects.
We hope you will consider adding your expertise to iWED.

ABC Conference, Colorado Springs, CO, 11/2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006
Got back yesterday from C. Springs where the ABC Conference was held at the Broadmoor.It was an intense three days. I, along with one other florist from Denver, put out arrangements for five meals - about 40 tables per sit-down meal. Plus, arrangements for the stage, transforming tables, entrance and a few other things. OH MY! It was a lot of work.The highlight was meeting Preston Bailey. I had the pleasure of sitting across from him at one dinner. He is absolutely down to earth and "real". He was kind enough to ask that a picture be taken w/ just myself and the other florist. He congratulated us numerous times for the amount of work we put out. The next day we were able to attend his program. He WOWed everyone with the events he has pulled off. He WOWed me when he was honest how he has learned and grown from his mistakes. I find it comforting to know that he is so down to earth.One of our members in Denver had a great idea of showing transforming tables, meaning that she had four different table styles and each one under went 4 transformations. Each transform was slightly more expensive. It was a great way to show the planners different parts - including different table shapes, different chair styles, different napkin styles, menu cards, seating cards, and the amazing flowers. From what I hear this hasn't been done before and was a huge HIT with the attendees.All in all - it was FABULOUS!

Favorite Websites :: Flower Chat

Are you a florist and need peers to chat with?
I find this site extremely helpful. For the most part I just read the forums and just on occasion will post a question for my business.
I think the people on here are great and can offer a lot of help.
Check it out at:

AIFD Symposium

AIFD Symposium if 4 months away! I registered about 2 weeks ago to attend and I am quite excited. They have very talented designers coming from around the globe!
I'll be flying to So. Cal on July 8 and returning to Denver on July 11. Should be good to get away mid-wedding season and get some inspiration. (Not to mention a little R&R by the pool in Palm Desert!)
Here's a link to the page all about symposium:
The conference is taking place at J.W. Marriott Resort & Spa in Palm Desert. I'm wondering about the weather, probably 120 degrees!! The resort looks beautiful. Now I just need to find a plane ticket to Palm Springs...


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