Saturday, March 10, 2007

ABC Conference, Colorado Springs, CO, 11/2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006
Got back yesterday from C. Springs where the ABC Conference was held at the Broadmoor.It was an intense three days. I, along with one other florist from Denver, put out arrangements for five meals - about 40 tables per sit-down meal. Plus, arrangements for the stage, transforming tables, entrance and a few other things. OH MY! It was a lot of work.The highlight was meeting Preston Bailey. I had the pleasure of sitting across from him at one dinner. He is absolutely down to earth and "real". He was kind enough to ask that a picture be taken w/ just myself and the other florist. He congratulated us numerous times for the amount of work we put out. The next day we were able to attend his program. He WOWed everyone with the events he has pulled off. He WOWed me when he was honest how he has learned and grown from his mistakes. I find it comforting to know that he is so down to earth.One of our members in Denver had a great idea of showing transforming tables, meaning that she had four different table styles and each one under went 4 transformations. Each transform was slightly more expensive. It was a great way to show the planners different parts - including different table shapes, different chair styles, different napkin styles, menu cards, seating cards, and the amazing flowers. From what I hear this hasn't been done before and was a huge HIT with the attendees.All in all - it was FABULOUS!

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