Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding Inspiration :: Colleen & John's Wedding

As I look through the photos from Autumn Burke (Autumn Burke Photography) of Colleen & John's wedding I remember every tid-bit and how much I truly enjoyed working on this wedding. First of all, Colleen is the niece of one of my favorite wedding planners (and one of my favorite people for that matter) Norie Hamilton of Weddings By Norie. Norie knew I would love working with Colleen and helping bring her vision to life. Plus, Colleen is one cool person and bride. In fact, last October when Chad & I went to New York City we met up with Colleen who showed us around the NYC Flower District.
These photos from Autumn are so awesome that I feel to do them justice I will have to do a two day post... Today we'll focus on the bouquets and tomorrow I'll share the reception at Westin Tabor Center.

First - the bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets.
Colleen dreamed of a pure white peony bouquet. I was nervous, could I get peonies at the end of July? Could she ship some from NYC? I held my breath and hoped for the best. What a relief when these beautiful peonies came in...

I also love the bridesmaid bouquet of all dark purple carnations in a clean shape.

A few other cool shots:

I hope you enjoyed these photos of the bouquets. I'm excited to share the reception room on tomorrow's blog post.

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