Monday, January 4, 2010

Flower Inspiration :: Dunton Hot Springs, part one

This past fall I was quite fortunate to work on a wedding at Dunton Hot Springs, a ghost town just outside Telluride, Colorado. First of all I should note that I've never before visited southern Colorado, I'm so pleased that this wedding introduced me to this part of the state. It's amazing, beautiful, lush green, everything you think of when you imagine what Colorado looks like!

We traveled to Dunton Hot Springs with Michelle Gillette of Dramatic Events and Katie Thurmes of Jenna Walker Photography to work on Marissa & Jed's wedding. A eight hour long drive in a three car caravan - each car loaded with goodies for the wedding - lots and lots of flowers, amazing linens from La Tavola, one of a kind dinner plates, crystal bowls, brass candlesticks, etc.

Katie sent me the photos from this wedding awhile ago and every time I look at the photos -- well, my breath is taken away. Beautiful landscape captured with the talented Katie's photography. The photographs are so amazing I feel it is only fair to break this into three separate posts, today I'll introduce you to Dunton Hot Springs. Tomorrow you'll be treated to the Rehearsal Dinner. Wednesday will be wedding day!

Here goes! (the two pictures taken at night time may be my favorites....):

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Kaye said...

Looking forward to Parts 2 and 3! Beautiful!


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