Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Keystone - Timber Ridge

One of my all-time favorite weddings took place at Keystone - Timber Ridge. It was a late August wedding and my first time at that location. The ceremony took place on the deck with the guests facing the beautiful view of big trees and blue sky. We didn't do any decoration for the ceremony itself, only the personal flowers.
The bride carried a hand-tied bouquet of 5 green goddess calla lilies with jasmine vines. Her bridesmaids carried one stem of green goddess each. The groomsmen wore a white mini-calla lily. The flower girl wore a halo of white dendrobrium orchids with greenish/white sedum. Very delicate and adorable!

Inside for reception we decorated 6 long tables with tall vases that enclosed a stem of green cymbidium orchid. We had about 3-5 of these per table. Then between the vases we ran bamboo. I had purchased the bamboo fresh from the Carolinas and then cut and shaped them to size at the studio. The bamboo was filled with moss, black river rock, green cymbidiums, purple dendrobriums, succulents and japonica leaves.

On the back of the bride & groom's chairs we attached a cluster of green goddess calla lilies.

The four tiered cake was decorated lightly with a few blooms of the green cymbidium & purple dendrobrium orchids.

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