Monday, November 26, 2007

Fabulous Florists :: Fiori - Burlingame, San Francisco, Palo Alto

I feel pretty fortunate that I've been able to travel around the world. Traveling ranks as one of my top passions - right up there with floral design! Everytime I arrive in a new city one of my favorite things to do is to visit flower shops. I've spent entire days in London and Sydney just walking from one shop to the next. Yes, I'm usually alone on these excursion days - not too many people can handle a whole day of flower shop visiting! ;) The shops in Zurich, Paris, London, Sydney, Buenos Aires, Shang-hai are all amazing!
Yet, my favorite shop remains Fiori, a shop where I worked at part-time when I lived in the Bay Area. Fiori has three shops - San Francisco in the Marina district, Burlingame Avenue and Palo Alto at Stanford shopping center. I love these shops. Monday, Wednesday and Friday they receive fresh flowers from SF Flower Mart, all the flowers are hand-picked by the owner. The flowers are set out on tables for the customers to select from; the variety, colors, smells, textures are just amazing.
I highly suggest if you are ever in any of these three locations to stop by the shops and check them out - you'll be happy you did!

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