Friday, July 3, 2009

Vendor Profile :: Jason G. - Wedding Photographer

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jason & his fiance Gina. In a short amount of time we have worked on an event for NACE/ISES, a photo shoot for a wedding planner and a wedding! I love the photos I've received from Jason!

A bit about Jason's style:
I see myself as a photojournalist, capturing the story of your wedding
day through crisp images that communicate the spontaneity,
authenticity and emotion of the moment. Wedding photography documents
one of the greatest expressions of love in a person's life. But, each
love story is as diverse as its participants. That's why I build a
personal relationship with each couple. No two couples are the same
and their photos should reflect their uniqueness. I want tell your
story through memorable images that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Short Bio about Jason:

I'm a Denver-area photographer who aims to capture wedding day stories
through images that are spontaneous, authentic and emotional. When I'm
not snapping pictures, you'll find me playing Wii with my son, on
coffee date with my daughter, sampling a new wine with my fiancee, or
on a nice long bike ride to the top of Lookout Mountain.

Short Bio about Gina;
I'm a romantic at heart who loves to photograph the details of life.
Whether it be the hands of a new bride, the tears of a happy father,
or an aged NYC manhole cover, my eye roams for images that tell a
story. When I'm not carrying a camera, you'll find me reading Jane
Austen books, watching old movies, scrap-booking with the kids, or
taking Riley for a nice walk.

Contact info:


twitter: jasongphoto and ginabwithjasong

A photo from the NACE/ISES event:

I love this shot from a recent wedding in Vail, it looks like a piece of art to me:

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