Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Meeting with your wedding florist

Information you need when meeting your wedding florist :
It is best to have a list of what you will need already prepared for your florist.

Personal Flowers:
Bridal bouquet; the style that you prefer, colors of flowers and ribbon.
Number of bridesmaids & junior bridesmaids; style that you prefer, colors of flowers and ribbon.
Number of flower girls; will they carry a basket, drop petals, carry a pomander, wear a halo?

Number of corsages needed for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, readers, gift book, important female family members, etc. Will they wear a pin-on, wristlet or carry a tussy-mussy? What colors for the flowers and the ribbon.
Number of boutonnieres for groom, groomsmen, fathers, ushers, grandfathers, ring-bearers, minister, etc. Which flowers would you like to use?

What would you like for your ceremony?
Altar arrangements or an arch to decorate the front
Petals for the aisle
Decor for the unity candle
Pew decorations. The style for these and how many you will need. You can decorate every row, every other row or every third row. Also, you can just get enough pew decorations to mark the parents' rows.

What would you like for the reception?
How many guests tables will you have?
What type of centerpieces are you envisioning? Elevated or low & lush arrangements, floating flowers, floating candles, pillar candles? Scattered rose petals always add great texture to the table and looks great around a grouping of pillar candles.
Cake flowers? Would you like flowers to decorate the cake? How about flowers or petals on the table surrounding the cake?
Sign-in table. Would you like to match the centerpieces or do something a bit different?
Will you have cocktail tables? If so, either a cluster of votive candles or one vase with a floating flower will work great.
Buffet decor. Be sure to speak with your caterer first and see if ordering a floral arrangement will work out well with the buffet they are designing.
Will the wedding party sit at a head table? Would you like to decorate the front of the head table? Quite often we suggest working the bridal/bridesmaids bouquets into the decor on the head table. Candles work great, too.

Be sure to ask your floral designer how much they will charge for set-up and delivery. And, don't forget about added sales-tax. You may also need to inquire about the pick up of rentals after the wedding ceremony and reception end. Also, ask how they book dates, do you need to pay a deposit and how much is it? When is your final balance due? Does the florist have a contract for you to sign?
A few things to consider before your consultation... what are your favorite flowers and fragrances? Have you selected a color scheme? Pictures from magazines of flowers and arrangements that you like can be helpful.

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