Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just another day at Bella Fiori

A few months ago whenever we encountered a strange moment at work Sarah would say - "Just another day at Bella Fiori". I think all of us girls say that every week now :)
A list of our top moments in the past 5+ years:
1) My friend's wedding where prior to ceremony her officiant stepped on the train of her dress and caused a 5" tear in the back. Turns out I can sew! Greg at Willow Ridge Manor handed over a sewing kit and I got to work on sewing the hole closed before ceremony started!
2) Another time at Willow Ridge when a groomsman didn't try on his pants before the wedding day and on the day of he realized they were 6" too long. Greg handed me a bunch of safety pins and I went to work on hemming up his pants. (I thought we only did flowers?)
3) A wedding at Donovan's Pavilion in Vail - the three tiered cake shows up in boxes in the back of a bridesmaid's car. Luckily, those Wilton cake decorating classes I took while in college came back to me - I remembered how to assemble the pillars and keep the cake from sliding off.
4) Last December 30 at Boettcher Mansion we had a 6pm ceremony with a chuppah setup outside. The winds were blowing 30-50 mph that day and it was freezing cold. Michelle stayed strong with me as we stood outside in our skiing/snow gear and held onto that chuppah til ceremony could get started. (It did manage to blow over once).

Oh, I'm sure we've had some other crazy moments, these four are just my most memorable. I'll be sure to ask the girls this coming week while we prepare flowers for next weekend and post their stories.

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely September, I know I'm glad to see some cooler temps. ;) I'll try to get some more photos posted from the previous weeks - we've just been so busy with weddings, corporate events, lots of birthday parties and our big move! The next two weeks we have some cool weddings to work on and then on September 21 I catch a flight to London where I'll be taking a week long class with Paula Pryke - my favorite floral designer in the world!

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