Friday, August 22, 2008

Flower Inspiration :: Tropical theme birthday party

July brought us a lot of fun events, seems like everyone had something to celebrate.
One of the cool parties we did was a 50th birthday surprise party held at the family's private home in south Parker. Here are some of the photos:

The above cake was designed by Elegant Bakery. The parrot was amazing!

Each table inside the home had a floral display. Here we had three cube vases filled with lemons and one yellow cymbidium floating on top. Bear grass connected the three vases.

An all lemon yellow arrangement - lemons in the base with yellow sunflowers, yellow orchids, billy balls and coxcomb.

Each dining table was set monochromatic. Tom from The Food Guy brought in the most vibrant table cloths which looked awesome on the back patio. We designed a corresponding arrangement for each table. In the base of the vases we alternated rolled leaves, lemons, oranges and limes. Each arrangement used all one color but lots of various flowers to achieve the look. Here we had set them on one table prior to the setup so that we could show how the arrangements differed.

Most of the party took place on the back deck and surrounding the pool We placed tiki torches filled with dendrobrium orchids and bear grass around the perimeter of the porch.

Vendors for this event included:
Karyn Gueck from A Beautiful Wedding and Special Events
Tom Harper from The Food Guy Catering
Elegant Bakery

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