Sunday, July 1, 2007

news from the studio!

I can hardly believe it is July 1st! The past two months have just flown by. We've worked with such awesome brides that have had great ideas - perhaps that is why our season is flying by!
Yesterday we were in Beaver Creek working on a pleasant wedding taking place at Beaver Creek Chophouse. Perhaps the bride and I had so much fun together once we realized we both attended University of California, Santa Barbara at the same. More than likely we had friends in common and classes together! It is a small world we live in.
Next weekend I fly to Palm Desert, CA to attend the AIFD symposium. I'm looking forward to this quick trip. I'm sure I'll be reinvigorated with fresh ideas in floral design. Plus, looking forward to seeing many of my flower friends.
Here's to the next four months of weddings!

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