Saturday, July 14, 2007

AIFD Symposium

I'm back from the AIFD symposium that took place in Palm Desert, CA, this past week. We had 2 1/2 days of demonstrations to watch. Some of them really knocked my socks off - ok, I didn't have socks on since it was a balmy 108 degrees in the desert... I took a ton of photos and will post a few of those here. It's amazing how these designers can take to the stage and construct pieces that go to the ceiling - just fabulous! We had the pleasure of seeing Sylvia Weinstock on stage, she's the famous cake designer from NYC. None of her materials showed up at the hotel and she took to the stage w/ just three stems of flowers. She managed to keep everyone laughing and engaged for around 40 minutes until her powerpoint presentation could actually be shown to us! Preston Bailey came to dazzle us with his latest events, one taking place in the South of France. I also enjoyed demonstrations by Life 3 - a design group from Europe. In fact, the European designers really dazzled me this year - so much energy and great ideas!
Next year Symposium will take place in Chicago....

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