Monday, November 28, 2011

Ordering Bella Bouquets for a holiday gift

Looking for the perfect gift for a flower lover, wedding planner, bride, etc? Bella Bouquets makes a great gift!

Bella Bouquets can be ordered directly from us online at: for $24.95 + shipping. Order now for a signed copy & we'll ship immediately or arrange to pick up your copy at our shop in Lakewood.

Bella Bouquets can also be ordered from Amazon! Click here

If you have a wholesale license and shop at Floral Supply Syndicate (locations throughout the USA or online) you can order Bella Bouquets from them for $23.00 - check it out on their website: Floral Supply Syndicate

For floral designers located in Denver, a copy of Bella Bouquets can be purchased at Stevens & Son Wholesale. Just inquire at the front desk or with your salesperson.

Bella Bouquets is also available at Boettcher Mansion Gift Shop, inquire with Laurie.

Flower Wholesaler: DWF, is also selling Bella Bouquets, for locations click here.

If you are in San Francisco you can pick up a copy at Blu Bungalow on Union Street: Blu Bungalow

Lots of options! Bottom Line - order your copy now for prompt delivery for the holidays!!

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