Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding Inspiration :: Beano's Cabin, Beaver Creek

I'm starting this post with this photograph; Kirsten had just arrived at Beano's Cabin and I hollered to her - Kirsten come see your aisle.. I think this photograph of her reaction says it all! :)

Love these photos from Shane Maccomber Photography

Photos of the ceremony space:

The ceremony:

The reception:

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting Beano's Cabin.. here is a shot of the location, isn't it amazing??

HUGE THANK YOU to Heather of Calluna Events who introduced Kirsten & I, Heather knew the two of us would love working together. Not to mention, I love working with Heather, she's a wonderful Boulder based wedding planner.

This is a note I received from Kirsten after her wedding:
Thank you for doing such an amazing job on the flowers! I absolutely LOVED them, and it was exactly what I was hoping for. And so many guests remarked how beautiful they thought the ceremony looked and the reception space and it was all due to you. I thought everything looked absolutely perfect! The arch was amazing...during the ceremony when I wasn't looking at Kerry or the officiate...I actually was admiring the flowers on the arch :) It was just so beautiful! I loved the little yellow orchids, the roses, lillies, sunflowers, everything...was just gorgeous! Also, the mason jars were perfect, and the reception tables looked so great! The vision for the reception tables was all you. And I really loved my bouquet, it was just so beautiful....and I had the chance to admire it for the next three weeks. I just couldn't throw it away and it held up for a good couple of weeks.
You definitely exceeded my expectations and I would DEFINITELY recommend you in the future to other brides. You're just so easy to work with, and you create such beautiful arrangements! And I also really appreciate you taking all of that extra time to go over all of those little details with me over the last eight months because you created the vision :) I cannot thank you enough for helping to make that day even more special!
Thank you!!!


Kaye said...

The flowers are as stunning as the setting and the bride. Nice job! That arch is amazing and I'm sure they got lots of great photos under it. BEAUTIFUL!

Chuck Graham said...



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