Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Winding down of wedding season...

What a season, what a GREAT season this has been - I've had the pleasure of working with the most wonderful brides & mothers of brides!! I have so many lovely images from extremely talented photographers to share with you. I'm getting busy with posting those images in the coming weeks. I do have a handful of weddings to design for in October but I did limit the amount since I have so many projects going on with Flirty Fleurs and my book: Bella Bouquets.

Bella Bouquets updates:
I have a book signing in San Francisco on October 18th at:
Blu Bungalow
2068 Union Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

Flirty Fleurs updates:
We have a few floral designing classes in the works, including bringing the amazing Francoise Weeks to Denver. Please email us at info@flirtyfleurs.com for more information on classes.

The summer did go by so quickly, didn't it? A few photos I snapped w/ my phone of installations we've done.
These two photos show a display I did at Studio 12 Gallery in Denver. I had just returned from Paris and was inspired by all the displays I had seen there when creating this:

At the beginning of the season I made a deal with myself, I'd take a week off middle of July and go home to California - that's where I refresh & relax best. I had a great time with my family. There's something so perfect about picking peaches off the tree in the backyard and baking a fresh pie! Spending time with this sweetheart and teaching her floral design is beyond words perfect:

A huge arch we installed a client's private home, Mindy is decorating the top with vines and white flowers. To give you an idea of the size - it's 3 sections at 10' wide each and reached about 10' off the ground.. largest arch we've installed!

some of the other beauties that graced our studio this season:

and the parting shot, there are two babies who think they spent way too much time at the studio...

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