Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello 2011 & Hello Winter

Wow, a month since my last blog entry? I think that's a first in my four year history of blogging. My dear flower friend in Virginia, Holly Chapple , gave me a nudge on the phone yesterday & told me to get back to blogging! Well, the truth is I've been blogging a lot just on a different blog.. for all your flower lovers make sure you are following along on Flirty Fleurs!
Flirty Fleurs is definitely more about the business of flowers. I am thinking I have some catching up to do here on Bella Fiori, lots of beautiful images have arrived from photographers & I look forward to sharing them with you.

What else is happening at Bella Fiori? Well, Chad & I took a vacation to Peru in October once wedding season was over. I love the thrill of visiting a new country & experiencing a different way of life. Plus, seeing Machu Picchu was exhilarating & quite worth the trek!
I will be posting photos from the trip soon on Flirty Fleurs - I have hundreds of photos of the beautiful flowers there.

As for 2011 - what will it hold for us? Sadly, Michelle will be leaving us. She's been my main assistant for 5 years! Wow, 5 years! I will surely miss her and the visits from her cute-as-buttons kids. However, I'm very excited for her and her husband and his new career move!

Oh, in addition to a lot of photographs that I will be blogging about - we've been featured in some magazines lately, I'll post those too!
So get ready - we are about to look at a lot of flowers!

Happy 2011!!

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