Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So you think you know flowers??

So, you think you know flowers? Well, here's a test and if you are correct you can win a prize. What's up for the prize? A $50 flower arrangement from Bella Fiori.

Name the flowers in this hand-tied bouquet:

Here's how it works:
1) Name all the fresh flowers used in this bouquet. You can either post it in a comment or email me directly.
2) You must reside in the Denver Metro area, or be willing to drive to our shop in Lakewood to pick up your arrangement.
3) If you prefer to have the arrangement delivered to a friend as a gift, that's fine by us!
4) If you are a current client that we are working with for an upcoming event you may elect to have the $50 credited towards your final invoice.
5) If you are a florist or wholesaler - well, you are disqualified. sorry! ;)

Any questions? Email me.
Good luck!


Sprout said...


It's still a very pretty bouquet, even if I can't play. :-)

What a great contest - I hope someone wins BIG!

Anna said...

What a fun contest. I don't live in the Denver area or know anyone in the Denver area but if I get all the flowers right, can you donate it to a breast cancer clinic or a women's shelter. I think the bouquet consists of carnations, pitcher plant, celosia, gloriosa lilies and peonies. Let me know if I win.

alicia.. said...

Looks like we have a winner - it's Anna. However, I can't seem to click on your name and notify you. Please email me at
I think it's great that you'd like to donate your winnings to a breast cancer clinic or women's shelter. I'm a supporter of Family Tree here in Denver, would that shelter work for you? They help women and children.
(Also, I did have a lot of my florists friends email me the correct answers - they are fun girls!)


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