Friday, December 4, 2009

Vendor Profile :: Jared Wilson Photography

This year I have met a new photographer, his name is Jared Wilson and he's pretty darn cool! He, Julie Gambrell of Classic Creations and myself have worked together on a few weddings plus a photo shoot for Bride & Bloom magazine.
One of the coolest things about Jared - he sends CDs of photos from our weddings extremely quickly! Of course, I always post the photos on the blog immediately so that I can share his work with all of you!!

I like this photo of the bridal bouquet being held in the aspen tree branches:

The photo from the Bride & Bloom magazine:

My absolute favorite photo that Jared has taken. It looks magical with the lights in the garden arch behind the cake cutting. Amazing photo!

Be sure to check out Jared's portfolio - Click here

1 comment:

Jared Wilson Photography said...

Oh, wow, what lovely photos! :) Thanks Alicia!! Great working with you. Hope we can do it a lot in 2010!


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