Monday, June 9, 2008

The Oxford Hotel

Megan choose a pink theme and did a wonderful job carrying her color throughout her entire wedding. The bridesmaids wore a hot pink dress and carried hand-tied rose bouquets of "hot lady" and "sweet unique" pink roses. Megan carried a hand-tied bouquet of all "hot lady" roses.

Each guest was given a blume bud with a rose as their place card. Very clever and different way of doing the place card & we selected a different color rose to designate if people had steak, chicken or vegetarian!

Upclose shot of the bride & groom's blume buds.

The tables alternated between mono-botanical bouquets; hot pink hydrangea, pink snapdragons and the centerpiece shown here of "hot lady" roses.

A view of the head table, in the background sit the arrangements used at the ceremony. The arrangements consist of roses, snapdragons, stock and hydrangea. On the table you can see the bouquets, blume buds and rose centerpieces.

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