Monday, May 12, 2008

studio stuff

Is it possible that the only people that actually look forward to Mondays would be people involved in the event industry? I know I've been looking forward for today for the past week! ;)
What a week it was, quite a few 12+ hour days for me & the girls pulled some long days, too.
Some of the cool stuff - a wedding at JW Marriott Cherry Creek, the bride had an awesome vision and was a complete joy to work with. Julie Gambrell of Classic Creations was the wedding planner. We brought in manzanita branches and addorned them with hanging votives, tons of cymbidium orchids, green amaranthus and pepper berries with garden roses. Gorgeous!
Plus, weddings at Willow Ridge Manor and The Chapel at Red Rocks & Red Rocks Visitor Center. About 100 floral arrangements for Green Gables Country Club Mother's Day Brunch. AND - a party at a private house courtesy of Footers Catering. Not to mention, it was Mother's Day .... (oh, and my birthday)
Last Tuesday we did a photo shoot with Autumn Burke. She came down to our studio and set up her equipment so she could shoot our floral arrangements on site. I'm really excited by the arrangements & they'll soon be shown on our
new website....
Attended a wonderful Association of Bridal Consultants meeting at The Food Guy. Tom and his chefs went all out - we had a scrumptious salad, a wonderful seafood main course and a lemon creme brulee that was to die for. Desiree from The Makery did an interesting presentation on how to cure wedding cake disasters & after she finished we all got to sample her cake!
As for this coming week - more weddings - YEA! A wedding showcase event with NACE, Black-tie Colorado and the Hyatt. Plus, a visit to Gallery 910Arts.
So, I wish everyone a fabulous week (as for me, well, I'm off to yoga :) )

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