Thursday, October 4, 2007

news from the studio!

Hard to believe it is already October! Where did the summer go? Oh yea, we were working on weddings. ;)
I'm enjoying watching the leaves turn from green to golds and reds, the air is a bit more crisp in the morning. I do enjoy the fall season.
At the shop we went from hot pinks, oranges, blue & white to Fall Weddings in a flash. Now the nandina leaves are in, the mango callas, orange/yellow and burgundy dahlias, tons of berries, liquid amber leaves, confetti & black beauty roses. I like the natural looks of the arrangements this time of year.
I think I'll be flying home to California the end of October - need to see the vineyards turning their beautiful red, orange and yellow shades. Love it!
ahhhh.. fall, what a beautiful time of year!

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